Teacher Experience 

Teachers can assign online activities or courses by subject to their students. Activities can include practice questions, flashcards, assessments, credit recovery, hyperlinks and documents.

  • Teachers can select from pre-made activities and courses and simply assign to their students, or they can create their own activities and courses. Teachers can even work together to create and share courses with their department
  • Teachers can view reporting analytics to make informed data driven decisions. Needed areas of improvement can be identified through easy to read reports

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Flexible Curriculum 

We made courses more flexible and open than ever before! Teachers have more control now over the shared courses, and can even create and share their own!

  • Edit LearnerPal courses or create your own
  • Collaborate to build a shared course with Teachers in your school community
  • Assign an entire course to your Students or assign selected units/activities
  • Build custom curriculum’s to share with Teachers, Departments and entire School

 Curriculum Builder Questions Database 


Robust Analytics 

We created a very easy to read suite of reports designed to facilitate decision making for Teachers. LearnerPal’s high impact reporting can be used to identify areas of strength and weakness amongst students.

  • Assignment reports to show participation, progress and grading
  • Detailed analytics to analyze areas of student weakness and strength 
  • Quick reports which display results for frequently asked questions
  • View activity reports, student reports and more
  • Dynamic score tracker by subject, category and sub-category

  Class Analysis | Student Assessment 

Student Experience 

Students have access to thousands of questions to practice from. Students will receive small bursts of audio or video feedback to reinforce learning.

  • Students can practice with interactive flashcards, and vocabulary skill builders to help them improve the “need to know” vocabulary words for each subject
  • Students have access to all LearnerPal courses, allowing them to further practice and learn

Video Explanations | Glossary | Flashcards


Practice – Self Study 

We designed this for ALL students in your school. Whether they just want to practice more, or if their teachers aren’t using LearnerPal, students are empowered to practice and learn on their own.

  • Study and practice key areas of their choice by creating their own activities, taking a LearnerPal practice course, or studying flashcards
  • Create custom flashcard decks to reinforce vocabulary 
  • Create and add their own words to LearnerPal’s glossary
  • Reporting that will identify gaps and allow Students to focus on those key struggling areas

Self Study Dashboard | Courses 

Multilingual Translator

LearnerPal’s Multilingual Support license allows students and teachers to select and view all content in their language of choice.

  • Precise and high quality translations
  • Toggle between default language and English at any time
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Audio available for most languages

Available Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic

Coming Soon: Chinese (Simpl.), Chinese (Trad.), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish

This is incredible!! What an amazingly beneficial resource. I hope kids all over the country might have the same opportunity as kids in New York to use this to aid their instruction it is so needed.

Mr. Roulette- Mott Hall High School