Content and Assessment Platform

  Online Study,Testing, Assignments, and Reporting

LearnerPal is dedicated to providing focused online training solutions that simplify how students learn. Our technology solutions simplify the learning experience through an easy to use design that is detailed, straightforward and proven to improve test scores. All content is developed by New York State certified teachers and enhanced by an experienced eLearning development team to provide a user-friendly learning experience. Web based instruction, practice exams, reporting and assessment capabilities ensure an affordable, engaging and fun way to improve knowledge and test scores.

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  • Audio, visual, and video aids increase student engagement and learning
  • Interactive Flash Cards
  • Students can get helpful hints, tag their questions for review and add notes to their learning activities
  • Students can configure their own quiz, set tagged questions, receive feedback and more
  • Students can learn at their own pace
  • Ideal for end of unit review and test prep (NYS Regents Review)
  • Online study activities, like tagging questions and adding online notes to learning activities, promotes student interaction
  • Pre-defined courses include pre- and post-tests, hints, full audio, video explanations, interactive flash cards and LP summary notes



  • Vast database of questions and explanations helps students easily understand the content within the Common Core Standards
  • End of test printable or online report for students and teachers
  • Multiple questions formats including multiple choice, essay, fill in the blank, matching and more
  • Create your own content and add to LearnerPals growing database of content
  • Can export reports to Excel or view student history
  • Content continues to grow and evolve with the Common Core Standards
  • All materials created and reviewed by New York State certified teachers



  • The LearnerPal Wizard makes online course and assignment creation easy
  • Printable activity report with assessment of student results by category
  • Growing database of content drag and drop your questions into your assignments, it’s that easy!
  • Preview all content when creating your learning activities
  • Teachers can assign Study Mode Quizzes, Scored Quizzes, Flash Cards, Vocabulary Skill Builders or Summary Documents
  • Structured Common Core and NYS Regents courses can be assigned to students
  • Structure your own course and assign to students



  • Detailed reporting suite (printable, export to Excel)
  • End of Activity Report provides students with an online or printable report of their results including the answer and explanation
  • Detailed reporting suite for teachers to view by course, class or student
  • Student reports demonstrate progress by learning activity
  • Reports provide valuable information such as “time in” activity, history of attempts, completed users and more
  • Grade essays online and adjust scores online
  • Analytics demonstrates breakdown of student scores by category, activity or course