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Each LearnerPal subject area is designed to strengthen basic knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. Students demonstrate their understanding through online assessments and study modules derived from a vast database of content.

  • Content aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Audio and video explanations
  • Easy to understand glossaries
  • Vocabulary skill building exercises
  • Interactive flash cards
  • Summary documents
  • End of unit review course based on NYS Regents

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Teachers finally have an easy to use, user friendly Teacher Portal. The wizard within the Teacher Portal walks you through creating and assigning online assessments and study assignments. Teachers have access to a vast database of content organized by category and subcategories to use within their online assignments. Teachers can also create their own content easily to add to their own private database.

  • LearnerPals’ Wizard walks you through step by step creation of assignments
  • Vast database of online content to select from
  • Create your own content
  • Drag and drop functionality allows for quick and easy development of assignments
  • Preview content prior to assigning
  • Detailed reporting

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LearnerPal is designed to benefit ALL students. All content was created by NYS licensed teachers with the goal of providing easy to understand, straight forward, focused explanations of what students need to know. LearnerPal students have demonstrated significant improvements on standard test and increased passing rates when compared to their classmates who used other online solutions.

  • Helpful hints and engaging content
  • Students can learn at their own pace
  • Fully mobile so students can learn anytime, anywhere they have access to the internet
  • Students can tag their own questions that they want to review
  • Students can add their own notes to their study modules
  • Audio and  visual explanations are enhanced by highlighting and other graphics
  • Students are provided an end of unit explanation for all incorrect answers

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Teachers can use LearnerPal content to design and assign online or printed pre and post-test to determine level of knowledge before and after a topic.

  • Online assignments with automatic grading
  • Create and print your exam
  • Detailed reporting
  • Multiple choice, essay, matching, fill in the blank and more questions formats available


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