Why would I use a Course Activity Report?

Course: Activity Report  (displays class average scores by Learning Activity)


A Learning Activity is any teacher designed assignment that is placed within a course. For example, Study Mode or Scored Quizzes are Learning Activities that would be assigned to students.

Why would I use this? Teachers would view these reports when they want to see a high level overview of how well the class has progressed within a particlur assignment, or a group of assignments

This includes reporting on:

  • Completed users per learning activity – How many of my ¬†students completed the assignment (activity)?
  • Displays the average of only those who completed assignments within the course (Current Average) – How did my students who completed the assignment do?
  • Displays the average score that students have achieved within the course including those who did not take assignment (Comprehensive Average) – What was the average score of my students on the assignments, including students who completed and didn t complete the assignments?