12 Things You Need to Know About LearnerPal

In January we posted about the great online learning tool, LearnerPal. While it has a ton of great features that set it apart, here are 12 things educators will want to know about LearnerPal if they are looking for a solution to help them with assessment and test prep.

1. What does LearnerPal do to help ESL and struggling students?

LearnerPal has incorporated multiple ways to engage all students, but particularly ESL students who will benefit from the audio, visual, and video cues within the answer explanations. Students can read along, and replay audio as often as needed. LearnerPal also considers course- and question-related vocabulary by providing flash cards, vocabulary skill builder questions, and an easy to understand glossary. LearnerPal explanations are very focused, and simple. There is no assumed knowledge, so all students benefit from the easy to understand explanation.

LP: Answer Explanations

2. Can LearnerPal be used to differentiate learning?

Yes. Teachers can create and give different assignments to their students, depending on their academic level. For example, all subjects come with Vocabulary Skill Builders.

3. Can LearnerPal content be used alongside teacher-created content?

Yes. Simply create a question, and then your teacher-made content will be found alongside LearnerPal content when creating a quiz.

LP: Teacher-created questions

4. Can we grade essay styles questions?

Yes. Locate the activity report (for the assigned activity) and you will notice a text entry field for comments above the students essay response, and the ability to change the score on the essay.

LP: Grade Questions

5. Are you aligned to the Common Core Standards?

Yes. LearnerPal has an entire course and content based on Common Core Algebra. Indicators for the Common Core alignment can be seen on the question when creating an activity.

6. Can students complete “offline” activities and upload them to the teacher?

Yes. Teachers can assign offline activities (such as read a passage and write an essay). The student can then upload the essay. Teachers will be able to see the upload from the Grade Book.

7. Can teachers also print their activities and distribute paper copies?

Yes. Teachers can create a scored quiz, and then print or assign online (from the course page).

LP: Print assessments

8. Can teachers have a student view?

Yes. Teachers can click on the student view and have the ability to see exactly what the students see.

9. Is there help available?

Help is available by clicking on the red help button (right corner). Each video and document is designed to be very easy to understand.

10. Can Teachers get additional training on LearnerPal?

Email LearnerPal, and they will set up training via the web, or can train at a school.

11. Does LearnerPal support Spanish?

Currently, no, but Spanish language support has been a very common question. LearnerPal is looking into embedding a Bing or Google translator in their platform.

12. Are there other file formats that teachers can upload, like videos or PDFs?

The LearnerPal file manager will allow teachers to upload different types of files. This feature is currently being prepared for September 2014. This will allow teachers to access other LearnerPal content, and enable them to add their own and save either privately or share publicly as part of their learning activities.