LearnerPal Online Tutoring

For many years, students have relied on tutors to help them learn, raise their test scores and pass their courses. In many cases, end of year tutoring may be extremely important as students need the extra help to pass their end of year tests. Tutors may come in various forms; a teacher, a friend, a […]

LearnerPal Common Core Algebra

How has the new Common Core Algebra impacted teachers, students and daily instruction? Common Core Algebra has changed the way mathematics has been traditionally taught. The change was brought about abruptly without allowing schools to ease into the new curriculum. Many districts didn’t have time to train teachers properly and for many educators they saw […]

12 Things You Need to Know About LearnerPal

In January we posted about the great online learning tool, LearnerPal. While it has a ton of great features that set it apart, here are 12 things educators will want to know about LearnerPal if they are looking for a solution to help them with assessment and test prep. 1. What does LearnerPal do to […]

LearnerPal’s NYS Regents Review Course

Common Core Standards testing have become a hot topic of debate amongst teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Over the past two years, educational content developers at LearnerPal have worked with NYS-licensed teachers, principals, department heads, and most importantly students to develop online content to help students learn and enhance knowledge across several academic subject areas in […]