LearnerPal’s NYS Regents Review Course

Common Core Standards testing have become a hot topic of debate amongst teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

Over the past two years, educational content developers at LearnerPal have worked with NYS-licensed teachers, principals, department heads, and most importantly students to develop online content to help students learn and enhance knowledge across several academic subject areas in order to excel during these challenging times.

However, with all of the concern around the impending Common Core testing, as we worked more closely with teachers and administrators, we heard repeatedly the need to help students with the NYS Regents exams.  The common theme across many schools was that current prep materials aren’t so current.  LearnerPal responded by working with teachers to create online Regents Review prep courses. These prep courses were piloted for hundreds of students from several schools. Student and teacher feedback was used to continually improve the content and technology.

Here is how some of the LearnerPal questions, answers, and explanations compared with other test prep material.



LearnerPal Explanation (audio/visual)



LearnerPal Explanation (audio/video)


Video Explanation


“The real secret of success is enthusiasm”…Walter Chrysler

 As you can see, it is much easier for a student to understand why they may have gotten a question wrong through audio, visual and video aides and simple, easy to understand explanations. LearnerPal avoids “textbook” like answers and recognizes that not all students learn the same. Having students understand what they are studying and empowering them to customize their own study quizzes are key factors to engaging students. Engaged students are enthusiastic and this has resulted in increased success on the NYS Regents for LearnerPal students.



Proven Success….

“Working in a large urban High School with a diverse student population of varying levels of skills, I was delighted to have had the opportunity to pilot the LearnerPal program for Global History.  A control group of students in the 10th grade who would not have access to the program was randomly created. A second random group of 10th graders worked with the program as they prepared for the Global History and Geography Regents.

The results of student performance on the exam speak for themselves: 93.8% of those using the Learner Pal program passed the Regents as opposed to the 83.2% passing rate of the control group. A 10% difference!! I am proud to say that the piloting of LearnerPal was a success!!”

Leslie Strauss

Educational Consultant (Former AP of Social Studies, Benjamin Cardozo HS)