LearnerPal Common Core Algebra

How has the new Common Core Algebra impacted teachers, students and daily instruction?

Common Core Algebra has changed the way mathematics has been traditionally taught. The change was brought about abruptly without allowing schools to ease into the new curriculum. Many districts didn’t have time to train teachers properly and for many educators they saw the new curriculum for the first time in September, a couple of days before having to teach it.

The new curriculum is very different from the Integrated Algebra that has been traditionally taught in schools. The emphasis is on discovery and understanding the process to arriving at the correct solution. Concepts are also introduced with real life applications and force students to have deeper understanding of mathematics as well.

As a result of this rapid implementation, one major issue that teachers are currently facing is where to get materials and questions for the new modules to use within their lessons. Many assistant principals and teachers express a common concern that there is a need for new material to supplement and enhance lessons, and if they exist, where?

How could online technology such as LearnerPal help ease the transition?

Textbooks and print materials are like computers, they are out of date almost the minute you purchase them. There is always something newer or better being developed. Print material is stagnant.

With online technology like LearnerPal, the platform is constantly adapting and adjusting to the new standards. As soon as new material is released the course is adjusted to meet those needs. LearnerPal’s team of certified teachers is constantly adding proprietary questions to reflect the course.  These Common Core Algebra questions can only be found in LearnerPal! If this is not enough, Teachers can easily add their own questions.

What is the current experience with online tools meeting the needs of the new Common Core Standards for Algebra?

It is common place for the online tools, workbooks, and review books that claim to be fully aligned to the new Common Core Standards to be missing topics in the new curriculum. Many of the companies rearranged the old Integrated Algebra curriculum and neglected to add any of the new topics.  New topics like standard deviation, outliers and quadratic formula, to mention just a few of the topics that are new to the course, fail to be addressed in material that claim to be aligned to the new standards.

How does LearnerPal address the Common Core Standards in Algebra?

LearnerPal’s platform is fully aligned to the five modules in the new Common Core Algebra curriculum. All of the new standards have been addressed completely. The questions mirror the style of questions found on P.A.R.C.C. and materials released from state boards of education.   

















What are some of the features/functionality that LearnerPal uses for Common Core Algebra?

  • A vast database of proprietary questions that are based on the new standards and style of questioning linked with the Common Core Algebra
  • Questions are no longer a test of if a student can repeat back what they have learned. The questions challenge students to make real life applications of the concepts and make connections to other topics within the course
  • The Indicators are identified within each question so that both the student and the teacher know which standards are being addressed and a student’s weaknesses and strengths can be targeted
  • All questions have video based answers designed to fully explain each question



What about Integrated Algebra?

Many Teachers will still need to teach Integrated Algebra in 2014. Teachers who are currently teaching topics from the Integrated Algebra will be have access to LearnerPal’s vast database of Integrated Algebra content in addition to the Common Core Algebra.  Teachers can pick and choose from both Integrated and Common Core Algebra content to create learning activities to fit their needs.