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For many years, students have relied on tutors to help them learn, raise their test scores and pass their courses. In many cases, end of year tutoring may be extremely important as students need the extra help to pass their end of year tests. Tutors may come in various forms; a teacher, a friend, a classmate or a college student to name a few. Tutoring has proven to be very effective method to increase test scores, but it is not without drawbacks.

Pros and Cons of Personal Tutoring

No one can debate that having a dedicated personal tutor can significantly boost a student’s grades. Tutors work one-on-one with students to ensure they understand the material and are prepared for their exams. This effective method of tutoring comes with a cost…often times a large cost.

To gain the expertise of an effective tutor is a large expense, perhaps as much as $75 – $100 per session or more.  This large expense can certainly add up to an even greater amount as students prepare for their end of year exams. But then again, having a teacher work directly with students on the relevant materials is certainly important and if done correctly, very beneficial.

Having a tutor can also be rather inconvenient.  Students may have to leave their house to go somewhere to meet their tutors, or wait at home for a tutor to come to their house. It is not always easy to find a nice quiet area in the student’s house for tutoring!  Once a tutor leaves, all the students have, are the notes taken during the tutoring session.












With the hectic schedules of parents and students today, isn’t there a more affordable, convenient way to get effective tutoring?

How About Online Tutoring?

Thanks to modern technology, today students have other options for tutoring. One such option is online tutoring. Personal tutoring lacks some of the benefits that can be seen in online tutoring.  This includes:

  • Convenience of learning and studying with an online tutor from home
  • Online availability 24/7 of archived tutoring sessions and materials
  • Online tutoring provides students with the ability to study and learn at their own pace
  • Students can take advantage of technology that they are used to including online chats, archived tutoring sessions, and online practice exams
  • Less expensive approach to learning

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring is an ideal way for students to learn and prepare for exams from the convenience of their home.  Students can log into their online tutoring environment and be tutored the same way as if the tutor was in their house! Once a student logs in, the virtual tutoring session is ready to begin. Here are some of the benefits that you may see in typical Online Tutoring sessions.

Online Instruction Tutors can provide online instruction in a relaxed, informal setting. Students can ask questions and receive answers from the tutors, or other students.

Student Collaboration Online tutoring can be done for a small or large group of students.  Students may collaborate with each other through chat rooms.  Student collaboration is a very effective tool for learning; after all, sometimes peers have great unique ways to explain concepts.

Quick Assessments Online tutors can use a brief 3 or 4 question quiz after each topic to ensure the students have understood the lesson. Instant feedback can show statistics on how well the students did on the pop quiz. Teachers can then decide if the topic needs further discussion.

LearnerPal’s Online Learning Experience

LearnerPal’s hybrid approach to online tutoring takes a significant step forward in test prep.  LearnerPal teachers have extraordinary experience and proven results in preparing their students for end of year exams. The teacher’s experience, combined with LearnerPal’s online Regents Review Prep course, provides students with a virtual tutoring experience unlike anything that they have experienced in the past. So why is LearnerPal’s online prep course different?

There are two components that make the LearnerPal Online Tutoring experience stand out!

LearnerPal’s Online Regents Review Course:

Students who register for LearnerPal’s Online Tutoring receive unlimited access to the online LearnerPal Regents Review course.  This online course contains Learning Activities, Interactive Flash Cards, Assessments and more.  Students throughout New York have used LearnerPal successfully to increase their scores on the NYS Regents exams!

LearnerPal’s Online Tutoring:

LearnerPal teachers assign students Learning Activities from LearnerPal’s Online Course to prepare them for each tutoring session, similar to a flipped classroom! Students can then study and practice on their own as they complete each Learning Activity to prepare for the upcoming online tutoring session. Students log in to the online tutoring session and work with their teacher as teachers review and help students to progress in areas of confusion from the previous assignments. Teachers work through the examples with the students and provide interactive online activities and assessments to ensure engagement and understanding. 


LearnerPal teachers bring their experience and successful track record to each online session to ensure that students are prepared.  The pros of LearnerPal’s online tutoring are simple:













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